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With direct Walmart and Sam’s Club experience, Marathon Global is committed to the pursuit of excellence, in order to ensure that our business partners prosper, our team flourishes and our community is well served.

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Why Marathon Global?

Marathon Global is a sales and services company that brings value to manufacturers endeavoring to do business with Walmart and Sam’s Club. Our offices in Northwest Arkansas allow us personal, direct and streamlined account management with buying, product development, replenishment and compliance teams in food and general merchandise. We are a cost effective, innovative solutions provider for manufacturers, and an extension of retailers’ efforts to deliver unique value-driven items to their customers.


Marathon Global’s difference maker is our people. With many decades of experience working for and with Sam’s Club & Walmart, our associates have the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to help our suppliers optimize their product line and offerings within the Sam’s Club & Walmart environment.

Private Label

From product ideation and selling into Sam’s Club and Walmart, to managing the supply chain process and collaborating with the retailer to successfully launch and sell your product, our associates are the experts at private label product development and support.

General Merchandise
& Direct Imports

Our understanding of General Merchandise and Direct Import procedures will prepare you for all that is expected at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Backed by an enterprise of resources

Advantage is the nation’s leading business solutions provider to manufacturers and retailers, offering a customizable suite of technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions designed to drive consumer demand, increase sales, and achieve operating efficiencies. As a division of Advantage Solutions, Marathon Global is able to leverage the skills, talent, resources and knowledge of the entire company to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our supplier partners. The result is the best of both worlds for our supplier partners –

The one on one attention of a smaller firm, backed by the resources of the larger entity.

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